Preparing a 2012 Hyundai Elantra with 31K for a road trip

Hi all,
I drive a 2012 Elantra with 31k miles on it. I am driving round trip from Dallas to Northern California in July, and will put between 4-5k miles on this trip. I have new Michelin tires, a new air filter, just changed the oil/filter and also do another oil and filter change before departing. I replaced the cabin air filter too. I will check the spare and will have the air compressor and slime kit as well. Mainly I consider this car still “new” as far as belts, hoses, plugs, etc. The brakes are also good and it is a manual transmission.

Anything I am forgetting to check for maintenance before departing? I even bought a sheepskin seat cover.


It sounds like you’re good to go. The only thing I will add is that you should check the tire pressure and engine oil level now and then. Do not assume things will stay constant for 4-5k miles.

Thanks! It has been a while since I have driven 2000+ miles and never this far.

The road west is about as boring and mind-numbing as it gets with a few exceptions so random stops to stretch the legs and some coffee or soda intake to stay awake might be a good idea.

I’ve driven that route a few times and a near life-long friend of mine who was making that drive many years ago feel asleep at the wheel while on his way back to OK. The ensuing crash left him a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair until he passed away last fall.

The car will do fine. It has enough mileage on it to have found any manufacturing defects and way, way too little mileage to have developed any wear & tear defects.

If you’re concerned you can always call your auto club or dealer and request the locations of all the dealerships en-route. The you’ll know where to go for warranty service should anything happen.

Have a great trip.

Just check (& correct) the tire pressure before you leave, check the oil every day or two on the trip, recheck the tires every few days, and make sure that you scan the gauges and warning lights every couple of minutes. If you do all of these simple things, you will likely have a trip with no unusual automotive events.