Premium vs. Regular if you added a performance chip


Just curious: I drive a BMW 323i, which calls for regular gas. BUT, there is a DINAN performance kit/chip in it now, and when I bought the car, the first owner told me to put in 91 so I have. I think once in two years, I triethe 87, and noticed some pinging. Considering the cost of BMW repairs I didn’t chance it again. Have I been making the oil companies richer than rich, or was the first owner right?


Well, you could contact the chip manufacturer and ask them, but I would stick to premium if using regular results in audible pinging.


Usually a performance chip will add more advance to the ignition timing. More advance usually means a higher octane gasoline.

You should also make sure the EGR system is working properly. Many times the only noticeable symptom of an EGR system fault is pinging. Fix the EGR and it may never ping on 87 again. Just a thought anyway.