Premium or regular


Can I use regular gas in my 2000 mercedes SLK230 Kompressor?


Short answer: No. Long answer: No, you can’t, unless you want to cause serious engine damage.

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Your car requires premium. Failure to use it results in possible expensive engine damage, loss of performance and reduced mileage. You might not suffer damage if you use it once, in fact it is not likely to damage it, but each time you use it you take an additional chance. It is not cost effective. The mileage loss is small.

Why do people buy a car and only then decide they don’t want to feed or care for it?


Why are you asking this question again? I can only assume that the large number of responses yesterday did not convince you that you will cause major damage to that engine if you use regular gas.

Are you going to keep asking the same question until somebody gives you the answer that you want, namely that it is okay to use regular?


perhaps he has not figured out how to read the replies?


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Read your owner’s manual for fuel requirements. The manual was written by the people who designed, tested and developed your car. People here on Car Talk didn’t do that. Look for either “Recommended” or “Required” or similar wording.


If you want to quibble over a couple bucks per fill up, then you shouldn’t have bought such a car.