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Premium Gas?

Is it worth buying Premium rather than Regular gasoline?
Is there any MPG comparison made?

The only reason that one should use premium is if the owner’s manual for the car specifies a required octane level. “Premium” is mislabeled. Its not “better” - its just higher octane which just means that it can take higher temperatures before it explodes. Some engines require that. Most don’t. Ask your owner’s manual.

Is it worth buying “premium” gas rather than regular gasoline?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
It all depends on what type of mystery vehicle is being fueled.

For a factual answer to your question, look in your Owner’s Manual.
If the manual states, “premium gas required”, I think that is unambiguous.
Or, if the manual mentions “regular gas” as the fuel that the engine calls for, that is also unambiguous.

Where things become less clear is if the manual states, “premium gas recommended”.
In that case, you can use regular gas, but it is very likely that your car will accelerate more slowly than if it was fueled with premium gas. In this situation, it is also possible for your gas mileage to drop slightly when using regular gas.

Please reveal the make, model, model year, and engine type of your vehicle.
Also, please tell us exactly what the Owner’s Manual states regarding fuel for your vehicle.

This question has been asked many times and the official answer is “maybe.”

Another offical answer,
– It depends–

It depends on a mutitude of YOUR individual circumstances like car/engine type and what causes you to even wonder…pinging, loss of power, or is it in your owner’s manual and you don’t believe it ?

In two of my older trucks, circumstances dictated I use high octane, though not stated in their manuals.
In the three trucks I have now , I do not.
In my two cases it was the obvious pinging that demaded an octane boost.
In one case , letting the pinging continue blew the top off of one piston.
In the other case, it would cackle and ping on upgrades. After going to high octante fuel the mpg improved vastly too.