Premium Gas

We have been looking at newer SUVs. We are told by most dealers that they require the use of premium gas.

Does anyone have the real info on this? Can you use regular unleaded instead?

What do the owner’s manuals say? That will answer this question for you. Look at the owner’s manuals for the vehicles in question.

Not true for many - see Ford/GM. If you’re talking BMW/Mercedes, then yes, you’re stuck. Salesmen often don’t know, manual determines it. Remember, ‘recommended’ is different than ‘required’. Which brands are you talking about?

Look at the owner’s manual. “Requires” means you risk damage if you don’t use it, and likely you will loose mileage and power. "Recommends means you will likely loose mileage and power, but it will not damage the engine.

Don't rely on the dealer or salesman to get it right, look in the manual yourself.

I would like to know the brands of SUV your looking at. Most domestic SUVs use big V8s and V6s that are designed around regular fuels. Some sport SUVs and many European imports use smaller engines designed for higher performance, and require higher octane. As mentioned, look at the owner’s manual for the requirements. Any salesman should be able to provide it to you.

Some Yes…others no. My 4runner requires 91…my pathfinders required 87. It has nothing to do with it being a SUV…just how the engine is designed.