Predator Computer Programmer

I accidently put unleaded gas in my car, and it recommends super… The programmer recommends super aswell. Will this cause any damage???

One tank won’t hurt. Is premium recommended or required? What kind of car is it, what year, and what engine?

Is this one of those kit cars built with the chassis and engine of an old Pontiac Fiero?

As jtsanders said, one tank of regular will not hurt it–as long as you kept the rpms very low and did not do any acceleration runs. However, if premium is recommended, that is what should be used, no matter how you drive the car. Bear in mind that those Fiero engines had a nasty habit of sending a connecting rod through the side of the engine block, so I would suggest that you not do anything to stress the engine.

I’m guessing you have a Diablosport Predator Handheld Tuner. I have one for my Mustang. It’s a cool little device. All you have to do is upload the stock tune back to the ECU, it’s stored on the tuner. Once you burn through the 87 octane, and fill back up with 93 octane, simply upload the 93 tune back into the car. I would be wary about using 87 octane on a 93 octane tune. The tuner basically forces the ECU to stick to certain parameters, among other things negating the knock sensor and fooling the O2 sensors to “think” things are ok, when in fact they may not be. It will not allow the ECU to make certain adjustments.