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Powertrain warranty vs low mileage and no warranty

We are looking at buying a new to us mini van for our 5 member family.
The question I am trying to figure out is, is it better to get a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country mini van with 40,000-50,000 miles on it with the remainder of the 5 year 100,000 powertain warranty or pick up an older 2012 Chrysler Town and Country with 20,000 miles on it. Price wise they are just about the same. Some of the older ones are a few thousand dollars cheaper and half the miles. So Powertain warranty or low millage? Has anyone ever actually used a powertrain warranty?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I’d rather have the newer vehicle with the higher miles but the PT warranty remaining.

To me anyway, the determining factor would be what kind of oil change regimen was used. With the proliferation of lease cars and so on many people who lease them have no intention of spending one single dime of their money on even the bare bones basics such as oil changes.

If you’ve ever heard of or read about engine sludge issues keep in mind that a skimpy oil change regimen is what causes problems like this.

This only my personal view. I am always Leary of a one year old vehicles being sold. Rather than a used 2015 I would consider a new 2016 with maybe less options and new has full warranty and lower financing. Being a family of five a major repair could be really difficult for most families. Not to imply anything negative about your situation.

I agree. Low mileage, you might as well spend a few extra dollars and get a new car. The only exception would be if the previous owner provided full maintenance records and receipts.

I don’t buy new cars anymore so I would go with a low mileage older vehicle. I’ve been working on vehicles since I was 12 years old so I would recommend a new car for you.

The 2015 with that many miles is probably an ex-rental, nothing wrong with that but usually that is the reason it is for sale. It might not be one year old, rather closer to 2 yr old for now (same applies to the 2012).

If they are the same body style/engine etc, one would hope the 2015 has all the quirks worked out, so factor that in too.

It also depends what kind of mileage you are going to put on the car; 20K per year, then maybe the low mileage, 5-8K per year, maybe the 2015.

At the end of the day when buying used cars, when you find one in good condition and priced right, you should just pull the trigger, make an offer and see what happens. Always be ready to walk away.

Please check the warranties thoroughly. My 2010 Kia had a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty that was transferable. The 10 year 100,000 mile power train warranty is valid for the original purchaser only. A 2015 with 40 to 50 thousand miles? It may be a commercial delivery vehicle on lease which could have received scheduled maintenance. Not knowing is the problem. When purchasing any used vehicle an inspection by a qualified third party is recommended. Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks for all the reply’s. An yes the 2015’s we found are all former renal vans from Enterprise.

I’d go for the 2015

It’s newer, the miles are probably mostly highway

It might have better safety equipment, also

A brand new 2016 base (AVP) Dodge Grand Caravan might be found for $18,000 or a little more if you shop around. Roughly the same as what the closest Enterprise sales lot wants for a 2014-2015 with 30,000+miles.