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Power Streering fluid in brake cylinder

Okay in hurry tonight and poured Power steering fluid in the brakes. The brakes were not pumped at all and car has not moved. I sucked all the fluid out of the master cylinder. Now What???

Can I pour brake fluid in and repeat sucking it out to clean. Since I sucked the master cylinder dry do I need to bleed the brakes??


I would pour fresh brake fluid in and bleed from all four wheels until the clean, new brake fluid comes out at each wheel.

I’d replace the brake fluid in the entire system. This is too important to gamble with. This should be done periodically in all cars, so now’s a good time.

If the brakes weren’t operated, just suck out the reservior and add fresh brake fluid.


I agree with Tester. If any ATF is still in the master cylinder …the last thing you want to do is run it through the entire system and (potentially) contaminate and degrade the rubber parts.

Just do your turkey baster method multiple times.

Did you notice if the power steering fluid sank or floated or blended?

As long as the fluid was removed quickly after the mistake and the pedal was not moved, removing the contaminated fluid and blotting the reservoir dry with a paper towel should do it…

As extra insurance, you COULD loosen the fittings at the Master, push the pedal to the floor (and hold it there) and tighten the fittings. Release the pedal. Repeat that a couple of times to purge the master cylinder of any contaminated fluid…Be warned, the fluid will spray out when the pedal is pressed, so wrap a towel around the master to catch the fluid and avoid a mess…

The power steering fluid floated right to the top.
Here’s what I ended up doing. Since i did not touch the brake pedal I sucked out everything than filled back up with brake fluid and then sucked the top layer off repeating that until I saw no oil. I then continued that process going through 2 large bottles of brake fluid.
All input is greatly appreciated.