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Power Steering

I have a 2004 Mini Cooper and the power steering has gone out. It is stiff to turn, but can do it. Is it ok to still drive it.?

Cannot advise another to drive with power steering inop. I know I could safely drive with power steering inop (to get it fixed).

I too would recommend getting it fixed ASAP. Your ability to respond in an unexpected situation is seriously compromised in this condition. That could easily cost a life, yours or some young child’s who runs out from between two cars.

Or a puppy.

I dunno. I’m asking myself the same thing after my son told me a “stiff to turn” story earlier today. The car’s (not a Mini) in the garage with a little fluid left in the power steering pump reservoir, a little on the floor, lots on the subframe, and a bottle on the shelf.

Anyway, it being the end of the old year and all, I’m going to opt for the bottle on the shelf.