Power steering pump detached

I have a 2002 Kia Spectra. The belt that runs power steering and air conditioning broke. Unfortunately, being in Michigan, the bolt that needs to be loosened in order to release the tension in the belt is corroded from salt to the point that it cannot be loosened. Can I drive it without power steering until I can get it fixed, or will this damage the power steering pump?

I do not recommend trying to drive this car without power steering. It’s just too dangerous.

Have the car towed or hauled to a mechanic if you can’t fix it yourself.

Well, since this is a small, light car with 14 inch wheels, and power steering is an option, I’m not sure how dangerous it is, I just don’t want to damage the pump.

The power steering system will be a lot harder to turn without the pump running than a manual steering system. This is why it is a serious hazard. You’ll need to get this fixed right away.

My feeling is that you will be fine with this although you may notice the steering is hard to operate in a slow speed sharp turn.

Many cars over the years have had rack and pinion steering without power assist.
At one time Subaru offered power steering as an option and the majority of cars did not have it at all. Same car, same suspension, tires, etc. with the only difference being the PS pump and the power assist steering rack.
My last Subaru went 300k miles with no power assisted steering and no problems.

One more suggestion:
If you go ahead and drive it without the power assist, be sure you leave yourself plenty of room and be aware of everything going on around you. No tailgating or hot rodding allowed. If you have to make a sudden evasive maneuver you may not be able to quickly enough. You’re best to make an extra effort to avoid being in that situation.