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Power steering pulley out of line

I have a '94 Ford E150 (6 cyl). A few weeks ago the pwr steering fluid began to leak. I couldn't readily see where it was coming from and thought no big deal I'll wait until it's more pronounced. After a week or so of topping off the fluid, I heard a pop under the hood as the serp. belt broke (sheared off actually). Not sure if it matters but at the time I was all manual power with the steering as all the fluid had leaked out.

That's when I noticed that the pwr steering pulley was slightly out of alignment with the others. I replaced the belt, limped home and the next day the new belt sheared off like the 1st (in ribbons wrapped around the fan). Never had this happen before but is there any way to adjust positioning of the pwr steering pump and pulley?

Looking on the bright side, I'll definately have a chance to get to that leak now. lol

More than likely the shaft bearing in the power steering pump has failed.

With the belt removed try turning the pulley on the power steering pump by hand. It should rotate smoothly, Then try checking the bearing for slop by wiggling the pulley. If the pulley turns with difficulty and/or if there's slop in the pulley the bearing has failed and the power steering pump requires replacement.


When you ran the pump dry, you destroyed it…This only takes a few minutes…As Tester said, the pump will need to be replaced…