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Power steering line and gas mileage?

We just replaced the power steering line on our '98 chrys concorde (it rusted out). Right after we got the car back from the repair shop, the gas mileage went way down. We used an 1/8 of a tank of gas to go approx 40 miles (most of those were highway miles). Could these two things be linked somehow? Not exactly how that would be, but know nothing about cars so hoping someone could shed some light. Thanks.

Well anything is possible, but not likely. However when they were working on the power steering, they may have bumped a connector somewhere or alike. You will likely never know

Unless he bumped something, as Joseph said, replacement of a power steering line will have no affect on mileage.

However, your methodology for determining mileage is way beyond inaccurate. Fill the tank (do not “top it off”, record your mileage (or set your trip odometer), drive until the gas gets low, and then see how much it takes to fill it up again. Then divide gas used into miles driven.

Post back with the results.

Exactly. Gas gauges are notoriously inaccurate. In my CRX, I use “half a tank” to go about 100 miles. And then I go 200-250 on the other “half a tank.”

Yup. Gas tanks are designed to go over, under and around various other components. They’re oddly shaped. As such, halfway between the top and the bottom of the tank in linear travel could be considerably more or less that half the tank’s volume.