Power Steering Flush v. Flush Steering System

2005 Jeep Liberty with about 49,000 miles. Local mechanic charged me for a power steering flush and to flush the steering system. Isn’t this the same thing? Was I taken for a ride?

Hmmm, the steering system is the steering system is the power steering system, so yes.

Yes, those two things are the same.

Are you saying you were charged twice for this “service” which you didn’t need in the first place?

Someone needed to make a boat payment.

I have 2 enteries on my bill: Flush Steering System $55.65, Power Steering Flush $39.95.

I know that it is very popular on this site to say that dealerships will steal every cent from customers that they can, but this post gives us pretty firm evidence that independent mechanics can also be thieves.

I would suggest that the OP return to this mechanic in order to get a partial refund, and that he/she resolve to never return to that mechanic’s shop after being reimbursed for this rip-off.

Caveat Emptor!

That’s $95.60 for nothing.

Your mechanic must have a big boat.

You’re right, finding a good shop (whether dealer or independent) is tough. My one car’s dealer shop was always recommending unnneeded work, so I replaced them with an independent, while my other’s was great, telling me I could delay work, recommending less-expensive solutions, that kind of thing, and their prices were OK. So it really depends.

I know that it is very popular on this site to say that dealerships will steal every cent from customers that they can

I think part of the reason is that many people seem to believe that somehow they can trust dealers and somehow independents are less trustworthy.  

Personally I find there are both good and bad of each type.  Generally dealers have higher overhead and MUST charge at least a little more but you get great coffee.  Personally I don't drink coffee.

Is it possible one charge is for labor and the other is parts?

The “power steering flush” might be the chemical/fluid used for the the flush.

Could be, what a ripoff - like there are special chemicals needed! A turkey baster and a quart or two of PS fluid is all that’s needed.

Did you authorize this work ? If so, you owe it , if not, you don’t owe it and you should ask for your money back.

Power steering fluid IMHO is lifetime fluid. Unless the manual mentions changing (probably does not) leave it be.

So I think you were taken for a ride X 2.

At my dealership, the coffee is pretty lousy.
Luckily, they charge fair prices for maintenance and repairs, and they do good-quality work.
I guess that I am fortunate.


This is a 15 minute job that involves no parts, just a quart of ATF, $4…KA-CHING!

Ask your “mechanic” if he REMOVED the P.S. reservoir from the vehicle, cleaned the screen filter it contains. If the answer is no, demand your money back for this “service” they double-charged you for…

I may have trouble with my steering tomorrow but it has gone 128k miles without a flush!!!