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Power lost

i have a 99 monte carlo, when driving home i seem to lose power, it was making a loud humming noise my electric windows was moving up and down slowly. I got home shut it off tried to start again it would not start, clicking sound o’yes my airconditioner wouldnot put out cold air which yesterday it did. it is not over heating, i just put a new supertine belt on so is it the battery, alternator please help i am yanking the batery tomorromo

It’s either the battery or the alternator. Can you charge the battery? Take it somewhere that can test your alternator voltage output and test the battery.

Make sure your serpentine belt is still there and the tension is correct.

Not the battery. You have a short-circuit to your power windows. For the short term, pull the fuse to your power windows. You may lose some other functions. Since both windows moved up and down at the same time, I would guess you have a switch or control that allows you to raise and lower two windows at once. If so, that is the where you need to start.

It could be the battery cable is loose or corroded. The windows may use a capactor to boost the motor and if it is not charged that would make them run slow.

it was the battery and alternator i was told it drain the power out of the battery which was on last leg and it ruined the alt. i can change a battery but on this monte its a pain u have to take off a bracket in the engine compartment then take out the widshild washer dispensher. i don’t have a clue how to take off a alt…it was costly