Power Brake Fix

I have a 1970 Chev Chevelle. I would like to know what GM car can I pull and transfer the brake system from so that I will have power brakes on my car.

The master cylinder, vacuum chamber and various connectors are probably the same as on the Impala (full size), various Pontiacs, and even Oldsmobiles and Buicks. A good parts man knows how to cross reference those.

There were few elctronics in those days, and under the hood, my Pontiac LeMans looked exactly like a friend’s Malibu.

Thanks for the info; I was looking for the best year & make to use. I should have been more specific with my question.

The parts man would have a cross-reference list. GM started to standardize parts in the 60s and by 1984 all large GM cars were cookie cutter the same except for trim and seat materials.

Sometimes power brakes aren’t much better than basic ones. I had a 79 pickup that was a great stopper without power brakes. I have to admit that the 1970 power brakes did work well.