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Potential vehicle purchase question

do the matrix and the vibe share the same onboard computer? or do they differ in more than just body?

“Why?” If You Don’t Mind My Asking. Where Are You Going With This? Why Does It Matter If They “Share” A Computer? Are You Talking ECM Or BCM?


How could what computer they share possible be any part of your decision in buying a car.

Presumably, he’s worried about long term parts availability on the Pontiac.

I’m sure that won’t be a problem, and I can’t see any reason the ECM would be different to any great extent, possibly some programmable things, but probably not event that. I don’t see the worry because the computers have become so reliable that he’s unlikely to ever have to replace it.

It’s the same engine, so I’d assume it’d be the same onboard computer

Are you worried about maintaining it? If it’s not identical, then I’m sure you can get a GM dealer to maintain it.

Thanks for the insightful response. I am concerned about buying a car for which I might have trouble, further on down the road, getting parts. I am also considering the Honda Fit as an alternative. What is your opinion of that car compared to the Matrix?

My sister just bought a Matrix. The visibility to the rear is restricted, which I don’t like. The Fit shouldn’t have that problem, and I’ll bet the Fit delivers better mileage.

As far as the computer in the Matrix and Vibe, I don’t see how they could differ much. Cars have more than one computer, you know. I don’t see this as a major problem to long-term ownership.

I’ve yet to read a post from anyone who’s had trouble with the computers in these vehicles.

You give good sound advice. I think the Fit is the better car. To bad the Honda dealers don’t offer much in rebates or dealer incentives on this car. But I think it is worth the extra money. Thanks again. Bye

I’d be worried about other parts. The Computer is probably the MOST reliable piece of equipment on the car.

If parts availability in the future is your worry, I can pretty well assure you that mechanical parts will not be a problem, simply because they are all the same parts used by the Matrix and some other Toyota/Scion models.

On the other hand, what you might have problems obtaining in the coming years are body, interior trim, and exterior trim parts. Since most of those are exclusive to GM, and since the Vibe is probably in its last model year, those parts could be very hard to come by after a few years.

Make sure you take extended test drives in both the Fit and the Vibe/Matrix. Some have found the Fit’s ride uncomfortable, and the power limited. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Long highway drives? I might lean toward the Vibe/Matrix.

Greetings, thanks for the input. I agree with your assessment. But I have decided to purchase a Honda Fit utilizing the “cash for clunker” program. I hope that the funds for that program don’t run out before my purchase. I dislike being so rushed into a purchase, but my 1991 5.0 Tbird is getting long in the tooth, and it is time to go.

Wow! That’s going to be a big change. Enjoy your new Fit.

The FIT is outclassed by a matrix/vibe. The reason is the chassis is simply smaller while the matrix/vibe is based off a more comfortable Corolla. Take a test drive down some rough/bumpy roads and you will understand. The FIT though is really fun to drive, however fun to drive does get old sometimes when comfort is not there on longer trips.

We get the question “will I be able to find parts” quite a bit. What we dont have a record of is a car that was mass produced that falls into this catagory. I am not talking about De Loreans and the like, just standard run of the mill cars. The no parts available just doesnt happen (and you pick the “on board computer” what ever that is)