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Possible overheating problem 1995 Ford Crown Vic small V8

My temp gauge runs to the high end when I run my AC in hot weather. It has not gone into the red yet but comes very close. I have replaced the thermostat, fan clutch and temp sending unit. I have also put a thermometer on the radiator hose to the block and it does not get much higher than 200 degrees. This leads me to believe that the gauge has gone bad but I don’t know that for sure. Doe anyone know how i can test the gauge to determine if it is a bad gauge or do you have any other information that could solve this problem.

If the temp gauge moves up from normal to hot, SOMETHING made it do that and I suspect it was heat…It might be time for a new radiator…

How many miles are on the car and when was the last time the radiator was flushed?

It seems you did everything except unclog the radiator. It is likely not coiling the way it should. As per our other poster, it’s probably time for a new rad. That may have been your only problem!!

A good shop would have been able to diagnose the problem, and the whole fix would likely have cost you less than it will now.

It could also be the water pump, but checking for a clogged radiator (clogged in terms of water or airflow) would be the first thing to do.

Does the temp gauge go down dramatically if you turn the heat on?