Portable waste oil heater

I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a small, portable waste oil heater to heat my shop and use my used oil from changes. Anybody ever see one for sale? Rocketman


http://www2.northerntool.com/product/586.htm expensive!


I remember an article in The Mother Earth News about converting a gas-fired water heater to burn waste oil. Very cheap. But what concerns me about using waste oil for fuel is heavy metal contaminants (from bearings, etc.).

Rocketman, here are some nice units. A waste oil heater is expensive, but you will save a ton of money.
waste oil heaters


Portable and waste oil likely won’t mix due to the exhaust requirements that are required.

Waste oil furnaces work well and up North the oil cans go into the wood stove. They save money up there in many ways; like not cleaning the rest room.