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Porsche Cayman S 2006 with NO POWER! Been in shop since Oct. 2 2013! Never seen this before

Porsche Cayman S 2006 black and sleek, or used to be… Has less than 50,000 miles. Went in for new transmission March 2013. In September 2013 the transmission “fell out” in middle of road. Car wouldn’t go into gear and had to be towed to dealer. Transmission was bolted back in. About one week later the “check engine” lights came on. Then the engine started making a high-pitched, whistling noise. Brought car back to Dealer October 2, 2013. The car has never been seen since! They have tried all manner of things…and have reported they have never encountered anything quite like this situation ever before. The car now has lost all power to engine. Thoughts? Help?

Wow, a new transmission at 50,000? Then, the replacement falls to the road 6 months later? Then, goes to service and never seen again? Holy Cow!!! I don’t know where to begin.

Maybe a lemon law claim? The car was only 7 years old when everything went south. But, having the car in service for 4 months is totally unacceptable. They could build you a new one in that time. A lemon law claim may tell them you’re serious. And they may have to buy your car back.

What was the explanation of the cause of the transmission “falling out” in the middle of the road. What do you mean by “fall out”. You mean the transmission was dragging on the ground? If so the folks that installed the new transmission have some 'splaining to do I think.

Porsche mechanics are pretty good. Your statement of lost all power to engine is convoluted. Which means that technically it does not make sense. Or in other words, you cannot explain to this board precisely what is wrong with the car. It is an engine issue? Or a trans issue?

Frankly, I’m having an extremely hard time swallowing this story. Transmissions (or more correctly in this case, transaxles) don’t “fall out” without some rather spectacular and catastrophic results.

There’s so many questions and lack of details on this one that I would hate to even venture a guess.

A transmission falls out in the middle of the road and they just bolt it back in?

Is this one of those dual clutch automatics with the paddle shifters?

"A transmission falls out in the middle of the road and they just bolt it back in?"

Like ok4450, the sentence above was my red flag that something is…amiss…in the scenario that was (barely) described.

Either some important details have been omitted, or the OP mis-heard some things that he was told, or–and I hate to even suggest this possibility–we are being trolled.

More details are needed!

If the transmission literally fell out, then getting it into gear would be the last of your concerns.
I’m with the guys above. Either you are misunderstanding what you’ve been told, are prone to exaggeration, or you are scamming us.

The only thing I can think of is that Porsche is not exempt from lemon laws. Keep detailed records of everything and check out your state’s lemon laws.

Sincere best.

Does any one really think the “Lemon Law” would apply to a car that has been in service since 2006? I think the OP has some explaining to do. If the trans. actually fell out there would be other considerable damage to the rear of the car.

You’re right. I missed that. Homed in on the 2013 and overlooked that.

“If the trans. actually fell out there would be other considerable damage to the rear of the car.”

Unless that car had the ability to pole vault over a very bulky object, there is no way that it could drop the transmission and not sustain major damage to…the undercarriage, the rear suspension, and even the rear bumper and fenders.

I wonder how long it was airborne after he drove it off the ramp?

Until the OP provides some clarity I’m taking the entire story with many grains of salt.

There’s also the issue of this allegedly being taken to the dealer in October of 2013 and it “has never been seen since.”. Time to head to the police station and file a stolen car report… :wink: