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Porous engine block

My Outback at 8000 miles had a new short block put in because of a porous engine block. Should I be very concerned about this car for future repairs or will the new block solve the problem? No lights came on prior to repair but I could smell burning oil.

I had a brand new 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis that seeped trans fluid through a porous casting. The dealership was authorized by Ford to remove the trans, completely disassemble all components from the housing and rebuild the trans with the new housing. Imagine my skepticism at; cost effectiveness of this approach and the likelyhood that it would be trouble free in the future. Surprisingly, never had any trouble with it after that, 200k+ miles when I sold it.

Any time they do major surgery there is opportunity to mess something up but you have the vast majority of the factory warranty left to wring it out. If it goes until the end of that warranty period, you can be pretty sure it’s suffering no ill effect from this repair operation…