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Poorly written technical procedures

LOL, Rod, I think 50 year ago the Japanese technical writers were still learning to translate their documents into English. I recall some really undecipherable statements myself.

Their enormous success would suggest that they learned well. But mostly they made great utilitarian cars and bikes at cheap prices. And they changed the image of motorcycles to “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”.

And yours will be impeached by the end of the year. But the point I was making is the stupid lawsuits by CORPORATE America…Trumpy is the leader in that category.

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You’re getting me worked up again. We had a choice between two flawed candidates or a socialist who has never held a job and spent his honeymoon in Moscow. One had ties to China going back to the 90’s, sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians for millions, and a long list of other offenses over the years that should be investigated, and also pledged to continue the ruinous policies of the last 8 years. Yes and the other one certainly has some issues but at least was not afraid to wear a flag pin on his jacket and knows a little about economics. He’s learning about the DC cesspool so give him a chance the same as we gave Obama, Clinton, and Carter a chance with all their flaws. So if you’re going to list the issues with one, list the issues with the alternatives at the same time.


A lot of the problem is that foreigners that speak English, or another language foreign to them, can translate the words, but don’t get the vernacular right. Someone has to live in that foreign land to get the vernacular down. I worked with a Japanese woman on a project a few years ago. Her American vernacular was spot on, unlike her Japanese colleagues. I mentioned to her one day that she spoke American very well. She lived in Seattle for a few years as an exchange student, and made all the difference. She didn’t believe me, but I convinced her otherwise.

You really need to get your facts straight. That Fake News was debunked.

Yes…but afraid to get drafted. Sorry…he’s a chicken-hawk. No respect for the draft-dodger.


This is a car thread. Not a political thread. Can we stick with the technical subject at hand? I’m sure there are plenty of political forums out there happy to accommodate political attacks.

I started this thread because I thought it would be a fun subject. Let’s not let it be ruined. Please.


You always seem to say this when someone says something truthful, but bad about your candidate…yet you keep silent when several others make political remarks against anyone but Trumpy.

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This was a really fun thread until we started talking about Trump again. Can we please keep it to cars? Thanks.


Thinking back to the Factory Repair Manual for my '71 Charger, I recall that an incredible number of procedures began with the following instruction:
Step 1: Remove engine

Thankfully, that car never needed repairs of any kind, but if it had required repairs, I think I would have been upset by the reality that the Factory Repair Manual did not provide instructions for removing the engine!

A friend of mines favorite quote from a how to disable a bomb or something manual

Cut the blue wire, after first cutting the red.

Now stretching to make it car related, since there are no cig lighters in cars, I have to buy the regular cordless ones,

Caution: do not use near fire or flames, some odd warning for a thing that sole design is to create a flame.

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I have always thought that warning on cig. lighters was a bit over the top.Another one I saw when my grand kid;s were young was on a bottle of baby medicine do not drive or operate heavy equipment.

OK, I’ll shut up but don’t need no Snopes. I was back there watching the China connection in the 90’s.

Since they opened a new Harbor Freight store down the road a bit, I’ve kind of become a fan if you are very careful. I bought a welding stand that is just some sheet metal and screws but I was instructed to wear eye protection and heavy gloves during assembly. I dunno, I tried but it was awfully hard to put those 50 1/4" bolts together wearing leather welding gloves and a helmet. So I just did it bare handed and suffered no ill effects.

What I really dislike though is those multi-language instructions that have no words, just poorly illustrated pictures from step 1 through 25. Luckily I’m mechanically inclined and can usually figure it out without the instructions.

That is also one of my pet peeves. Even though Ikea has good quality merchandise (especially in view of the extremely low prices that they charge), I am always annoyed by their “universal” no-word directions. Yes, the assembly always turns-out okay for me, but I REALLY dislike those instructions.

How about california prop. 65 warning that is on everything you buy.

Yeah I bought an extension cord that has the warning that it may cause cancer. I’ve come to conclude that breathing and everything else as well as long life causes cancer. If you live long enough you will get cancer.


Me too.
Perhaps I’ll take a stroll through HF tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a tool or piece of equipment without at least one dumb warning label, and I’ll probably come back with a few.
As regards technical instructions, I’ve yet to understand the teeny-tiny book written in .;005 point font that came with my cell phone. Whoever printed it could reproduce the entire bible on the head of a pin.

Yes I also am surprised by how small the print is, price of ink must have gone up :cat:

I keep a good magnifying glass by my computer, in the shop, and in my car. First thing I do though with a new manual is staple the non-English pages together so I don’t have to look at them again.

One that I have noticed is on fiberglass house insulation . May smolder or burn if ignited .

Yup . . .

I remember when that went into effect, I was still working at the dealership. Everybody was scrambling to put those stickers up, in the required locations, so that the dealership would be in compliance

Seems like EVERY facet of auto repair will give you cancer, if you choose to see things pessimistically

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