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Poor gas mileage on '07 4-door ford focus hatchback

I’ve been getting very poor MPG on my ford focus hatchback. I’ve avoided using the air conditioner, do not pump the gas. I do use a GPS often, but have cut that back to see if it affects it…not really. I get only 19MPG on city and maybe a 25MPG highway. The car has some low carbon emission standard. Don’t know if that’s the perp. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Do you have an engine and transmission? So far, we can’t tell. What size tires and pressure? What gasoline is recommended? How do you compute your gas mileage?

Not sure you have a problem. Has the gas mileage changed??? Or has it ALWAYS been like this?? If it’s always been this way then I’d start looking at driving habits. Driving habits can effect gas mileage GREATLY. What is the MPG rating for this car??