Poor fuel economy

I have a 92 Dodge Spirit 2.5L non turbo. I have been getting horrible fuel milage. Around 17. I have given it a full tune up, including replaced the distributor and hall effect sensor. Any ideas on why my fuel economy is shot?

Two possibilities: 1) the thermostat is stuck open and the car isn’t coming up to operating temperature; 2 the tires are under inflated.

If you put oversized tires on the car this will affect the odometer reading and your calculations won’t be accurate. If the weather has gotten colder in your region of the country, your mileage will go down. Aso, are you driving different routes for n your daily.travela? Is your transmission shifting into ita highest gear?

When a sudden drop in fuel mileage is realized, there’s a couple of things to check.

First check if the thermostat is stuck open. If the thermostat sticks open the coolant never gets up to the proper operating temperature. The computer see’s that the engine is cold and runs it under a rich condition.

Next. Check if the coolant temperature sensor for the computer is operating correctly. Again, if this sensor is telling the computer that the coolant doesn’t come up to proper temperature when it actually does, the computer thinks the engine is cold and runs it under a rich condition.


Excellent advice above.
You might also want to check for the possibility of a dragging brake pad. And if it’s an automatic, be sure it’s shifting properly.