Pontiac engine swap

We’ve got a 98 Firebird with a 3.8 v6 that ran hot and seized up.I’ve heard that these motors with the aluminum heads are not worth rebuilding.What other engines and or models will interchange with the 3.8. Thanks

I believe the LS1 or 2 V8 was put in certain models of that generation. You might be able to drop one of those in it

Had not heard this about the 3.8. I used to consider the 3.8 the best V-6 from GM

Check http://www.car-part.com for a variety of possibilities near you.

I was not aware that GM made a 3.8 with aluminum heads. You may want to double check that to verify the accuracy of that statement. Your best bet will be to find another 3.8 out of a camaro/firebird of the same vintage and just swap them out. Doing anything else will turn into a major headache, even putting in a V8. Much will have to be replaced in addition to the engine.

The 3.8 is one of the best engines GM ever built so the same engine type the car was born with would be the best answer.

The dashboard temperature gauge is put there for a reason, not to clutter up the forward view.
Running an engine until it seizes up falls on the car’s driver; blame-wise.

Today’s emissions controls limit engine replacement to the exact same model…

Another excellent point regarding what to do with the car.