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Plz help me

i need my spedo on my holden commondore to read out can you plz help me

I don’t think that we can because–

Holdens are not sold in the US, where we are located.
You did not give us a clue regarding the age of the vehicle.
You have not adequately described the circumstances or the symptoms.
You have not told us whether the “spedo” (sic) has an electronic readout or is an analog instrument.

Does the vehicle have an automatic transmission or a manual shift?

Even though none of us in the US is familiar with Holdens, we might be come up with some suggestions (like possibly a defective VSS) if you will supply us with adequate information.

How long has GM made the Holden Commodore? Many years, I believe. How old is yours?

If your speedo works by cable, check the cable.

If it’s electric, check the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) on the transmission.

If your regular mechanic can’t figure it out you may want to locate a speedometer repair shop and let them have a look at it.

located in perth, australia
the car is a 2000 moddle vt commodore (holden). it has a auto transmission

i was over taking a car and the police got me on there radar doing 130km wen i was in a 110km zone, so i need it to read out and my spedo is analog.

becca xx

It is very possible that the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) that sends signals to the speedometer simply needs to be replaced. This is particularly true if the transmission is not shifting properly.

In any event, you need to take the car to a competent mechanic so that he can figure out the exact cause of the problem.

That’s about 80 MPH in a 68 MPH zone. I’m not sure what it is in dog years.

I saw a Holden once…

I drove a Commodore more than once, but it was a Hudson. Think “driving Miss Daisy”

The “new” Pontiac GTO was made by Holden. Remember Pontiac?