Plug-in Hybrid Experience

At the end of 2020, BMW was offering dealer incentives on sedans and the plug-in hybrid (330e) was the same final cost as the ICE model (330i). My car, a 2003 330i 6-speed, was in great shape but had developed a very strange/annoying/disgusting failed electric motor smell from the HVAC system that couldn’t be eliminated. So, since manual transmissions are no longer available, a plug-in hybrid replaced my “real” BMW.

After a few months, I still attempt to press the clutch and occasionally grab the “shift” knob, but the car is fine for an automatic, and I’m still running on the fill-up of gas I purchased on my way home from the dealer (165-miles away). It seems, I rarely drive a 4-wheel vehicle more than 30-miles in any given trip and the Plug-in feature covers the first 20~22 miles with all electric operation.

So, it seems this plug-in hybrid thing works for me. And, if I do need to take a long trip, 400-miles appears to be the range on a full tank of gas and charge. That’s, at least, 50 miles more range than my 2013 Tacoma.