Ploblem with driving

I have a 95 firebird, here recently i have aquired an issue with it. When I start my car to let it warm up my rpms jump like someone is stepping on the gas. also I have an issue with it driving if i take off it seems like there is no gas getting to the car. it bogs down but does not die like it does when you do run out of gas. I went to a car place to find out what was wrong. They stated it could be the fuel filter or needs a tune up. I did both no results. Does any one else have any idea what it could be. It would be greatly appreciated

Have the throttle position (tps) sensor checked. It informs the engine computer the position of the gas pedal (throttle plate). Its voltage and electrical resistance should be checked at idle, and just off-idle. The resistance and voltage should be checked for smooth increase, and decrease, from idle to full throttle position (engine off). If the values are rough, or erratic, the tps is defective. Erratic tps can cause erratic idle, and anywhere else.

It’s also possible you have an air leak. You can take a can of carb cleaner and spray around the engine lghtly from one spot to the next giving time for any spray to evaporate and if you have an air leak, the engine rpm’s will rise slightly. If this happens, spray lightly until you locate the exact leak location which will probably be a hose or plastic connector. If that doesn’t work, have your IAC ( idle-air control) valve checked.

Also a Ploblem with spelling…I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. I apologize.

The “air leak” could also be a vacuum line that has become disconnected from its fitting or has a crack in it. It would be more correct to call any such leak a vacuum leak. Your engine developes vacuum with each intake stroke. Sometimes you can hear vacuum leaks hissing just by raising the hood. Other times it’s necessary to use a 2’ length of hose like a stethoscope. Hold one end to your ear, and move the other around the engine till you hear the leak hissing.

I lean toward a vacuum leak causing your issue. What ever happened to PROBLEMS?

I agree that it should not be doing that and hopefully some of the advice you have been given can resolve that problem. However I would like to suggest that letting a car warm up at idle is generally not a good idea. It is hard on the car. Cars warm up best and fastest by being driven at moderate speeds. When you let a car idle it tends to cause moisture to accumulate and it only warms the engine while the transmission and suspension systems also need to warm up.