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Plenum gaskets and valve cover gaskets?

I need to replace the valve cover gaskets on my 2003 Infiniti G35 to fix an oil leak. The repair shop quote included the upper and middle plenum gaskets along with the valve cover gaskets and this is where I’m a bit curious. I know I’ll have to remove the plenum to get at the valve covers, but do I need to replace the plenum gaskets as well? Or is it one of those things that since they’re in the area they go ahead and replace those as a CYA?

Gaskets are generally discarded when they are removed. You can “cheap out” and reuse old gaskets but it’s usually a bad idea. Since they would be responsible for any problems like leaks…they are just protecting their best interests and yours as well.

Ok that’s what I was wondering about. Sounds like I should also put new ones on when I’m doing the valve cover gaskets. Thanks @missileman

No problem @nateha. Good luck.

sometimes you have to remove the plenum to get to the valve covers