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Please help... hyundai tiburon misfire/power loss/hesitation/poor fuel economy

i have a 97’ hyundai tiburon, i have multiple misfires that are p301 302 304 and rich airflow. I have changed the coil pack, spark plugs and wires, and the MAF sensor.

Basically my car doesnt accelerate fast or go over 40(max), it putters when i try to accelerate.

Are you sure that you have a running RICH code ? You may need to look into your O2 sensors…some vehicles cannot even run when the Pre Cat o2 dies…it no longer knows how to fuel itself. The o2 sensors help the engine run as lean as possible without damage to the engine…when they fail…in some cars the computer defaults to run as rich as possible because this is the safer of those two evils of Rich and Lean… You can almost always run rich…but not so Lean. But this is not so common… I would be looking at the engine timing.

In my experience whenever I have multiple misfires…it is either a vacuum leak (lean)…OR it is due to T-Belt Stretch…and thus…the mechanical timing of the engine. When a t belt stretches or jumps a tooth the timing of the ignition as well as the fuel injection are off…and they usually head in the Retard direction meaning late. When this occurs…the plugs do not fire at the right times (late)…and the fuel injection sprays later than wanted as well. This results in multiple misfires as well as a Rich condition due to not enough time to burn the fuel charge

The FIRST thing I would be checking are my timing marks…Line up the crank to TDC and notice where the Cam is timed…If you see a discrepancy…you found the problem. DO THIS FIRST…then move on…I doubt you will move beyond this however

One tooth off or stretch of the T-Belt can and will cause everything you are seeing