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Please help :( driver side front brake does not work.. 2010 kia forte koup

I have a 2010 kia forte koup… just purchased it from a used dealer about a month ago and it’s over one hour away… I noticed the car pulling to the right every time I pressed the brakes. So I immediately knew something was off. I tried to fix it myself since I don’t have much time to go… here is what I’ve done so far… replaced the caliper, rotor and brake pads… I bled it correctly, but upon driving it something still didnt seem right. The piston was coming out very uneven and the brake pad was only hitting the rotor on the top… so I decided to bleed again only to find that there was no brake fluid coming through anymore!!! I even disconnected the brake line a little on top of the bleeder and was applying the brakes and nothing!!! This is nuts… I ordered a brake master cylinder but I doubt that’s the issue since I’m only having the problem on that specific brake. Anyone got any clue??? I’ll take it to the used dealership as last resort since I have to drop it off to them and I have to go to work as well its not easy but if I can fix myself then I will…

Forgot to add… my brake pedal sinks slowly when stopped…

Try replacing the brake hose to that caliper.


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I thought about that too, but I bled it fine the first time… and when I removed the line from the top nothing came out…

The brake hose may be deteriorated on the inside where a piece of rubber is acting like a check valve.


Even if I disconnected the brake hose from the other side?? And still nothing came out when I applied the brake. Its very odd, pretty much I disconnected the line not where it connects to the caliper but from the other side. So the issue must be the line somewhere???

In that case, the problem might be with the ABS pump.


Ok thank you, I’ll replace both just in case… if its not too much money

You may need to use an ABS-system-compatible scan tool to bleed the brakes on this vehicle. That allows you to turn the ABS pump on and off at various parts of the bleed procedure. The service data I’m seeing implies this is necessary to do it properly.

Note that a car pulling to the right during braking could be a problem with the caliper on either side. i.e. too much force on the right, or too little force on the left.

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