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Please help bad transmission problem not sure what to doo

Hi i have a 2001 pontiac grand am se 4cyl with an automatic transmission and ive been having issues with my transmission, about a month ago the transmission started shifting hard then just went out so i took it to a transmission repair shop and the tech said that it was the pulling clutches and i told him to completely rebuilt the transmission including new electronics and torque converter and he did i got it back and it drove fine for that day then stared doing the same thing my transmission slams into gears and i dont know what the problem is sometimes ill be going down the road and the transmission slams and then the trac light comes on for a little bit then goes back out??? also some days i can drive it a mile or 2 before it starts slamming into gear… any ideas on what this could be causing it to slam i would think it couldnt poss be the transmission as everything has been replaced? could something else be causeing it to slam into gear… Thanks for all your help in advance

There’s still something wrong with the transmission.

When the shifts become harsh and hard the transmission is in the limp mode. The computer raises the line pressures in the transmission when there’s a problem with the transmission to prevent the clutches in the transmission from being damaged.

Take it back to the shop that did the repair and tell then to fix the problem.


Bring it right back to the shop, along with the dated invoice, and tell them you’re not satisfied with the repair and you’d like them to check it out again because the original complaint wasn’t resolved to your satisfaction.
Was the trac light (traction control light?)_ coming on before you brought it to the shop?
You may want to have the guys hook up a scanner and see what that’s all about.

Isn’t there some kind of warranty on this guy’s transmission work?
What is preventing you from taking it back and having him make it function correctly?

thanks you guys and i will most def. be taking it back to the shop asap and tell them to fix it, i was just seeing if by some chance it wasnt the transmission considering it took them 3 weeks to get it back last time and when they put the steering wheel back in the broke a bushing and didnt even bother to repair until i said something about it and also i had no powersteering fluid when i got it back and they kinda thought all this was ok… not including the tobacco dip that was on my car battery oh and one of the transmission pan bolts that was not all the way screwed back in plus now also my air bag light is on, it was not like that before could they of disconnected something or broke something as i did ask them about that and they said to drive it and it should clear its self out… and db4690 in response to your question no the trac light did not used to come on before this repair even when it was going out the first time… and these guys are Certified… i would love to meet their instructor and kick his tail. i hate to say it but if my car comes back out with anymore issues i might be taking this to a small claims court and asking for my money back so i can take it to someone who can really fix it :frowning: worst of all i have kids and out of work right now so i need my car… 3 more weeks without it, and in christmas time… but i thank each one of you for your advice and i hope this goes well.

Keep meticulous documentation, in case this gets ugly.
A speed sensor may have been disconnected/damaged during the reinstallation of the transmission.
I’m not sure if any power steering hoses/lines had to be removed to remove/reinstall the transmission.
That shop should have noticed that you had power steering issues during their final road trip before handing the car back t o you. The purpose of that road trip is to ensure that the repair was successful and that nothing major is wrong.
A damaged clockspring may be the cause of the airbag light, if the steering column or rack was disconnected/moved out of the way for access to the transmission.

Please let us know if/when this is resolved.

How many miles on the car and how much did you pay to have it repaired?

Thanks db4690 i will be taking photos before it goes back in and i will be taking more before it comes off the rack just to be sure. I want to be sure just in case i have everything correctly documented and i will be posting back on when this gets resolved and what the out come is and Caddyman in ref. to your question it has right below 149,000 miles and i paid 1,250 to have the transmission completely rebuilt i went with this shop because they were cheaper than the rest in my local area. and to my knowledge everything was new… or so i was told