Playing with my old 91 accord

I was messing with my junk 91 honda accord and put turbo blue 114 octane gas in it. Its driving like a freakin charger now. What damage could this cause other than the CAT because i blew the guts out of it years ago.

Well it would appear your Accord is set up for high octane. I doubt if it is going to do any damage.

No damage will be done. All you’re doing is wasting money on high-octane gas.

Many years ago I had a 79 Mustang with the 3.3 liter inline 6. Ran terrible on 87 octane. Ran like a champ on 93 (which was about $1.15 per gallon at the time). Sold it when I was in college, probably in about 1996. I would bet that thing is still on the road somewhere.

There’s an old saying:

Your butt-dyno is full of crap.

You may think it’s faster, but it’s not, unless someone has modified the engine to require higher-octane fuel, which would mean it was retarding the timing on the regular stuff to avoid predetonation. I highly doubt this is happening, since you’d have to be running, at minimum, probably a monster turbo and a boatload of internal engine mods to require higher octane gas than airplanes use.