Platinum +2 no Gap set spark plugs on a cavalier 98

I replaced my spark plugs on a Cavalier 98 with new plugs I chose the more expensive Platinum +2 plugs did does not require the gap to be set. I chose these because it was my first time changing plugs and i thought there was ample enough opportunity for things to go wrong. Reading reviews after the fact on the plugs i’ve noticed that some people have had trouble with these on Gm cars. Should i be concerned? and replace them again with standard gapped plugs? Does the +2 and +4 prongs make a difference in efficiency and longevity or is it just a sales gimmick?

It’s a sales gimmick. Having studied physics extensively I can tell you that the current will take the path of least resistance every time, meaning it will spark at the ONE electrode that is easiest to move across.

I’ve seen a few people put these in their cars, and they just did not run right afterwards in every case. Your manufacturer knows what kind of spark plugs the engine needs, and what gap they need to be set at for optimum performance and fuel economy.

You would have done better to stick with OEM plugs, but there is no need for concern. Use them and if your car runs normally, as it should, pat yourself on the back for doing a good job. The extra prongs are just a sales gimmick but these plugs should work as well as standard plugs.

They should be fine, but usually the best plugs are the same brand and type the car came with OEM. Others may work fine, but why bother. The OEMS work well.

I replaced the OE plugs with the Bosch Plat +2 on my Aleros (GM) and beides the immediate improved throttle response, they have given exellent service for over a year. If improved performance is a sales gimic, then I’m happy to be a customer. BTW, Bosch got the 1st patent on spark plugs about a hundred years ago. It is an excellent company, which makes lots of different products, and its wiper blade division was featured on Discovery Channel about a month ago. Also, I’ve seen Bosch Platinum +2 and +4 spark plugs for sale at auto stores for almost $5.00, but the WalMart sells them for $2.22 each in packs of 2, which come with a rebate coupon. I always check the WalMart first because of prices, although the Advance Auto was selling 5 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic oil with a Mobil 1 oil filter for $25.99 last week, which is a great deal. Also, if your car is working well on the Bosch plugs, why replace them?