Plain Jane Car

I’m sorta kinda looking around for a new “Plain Jane” (no power windows, locks, A/C, etc)car. Does anyone make a car like this anymore? If so, who?


Take a look at the Nissan Versa 1.6. It doesn’t even come with a radio. A/C is a $1,000 option. Manual everything (one reviewer hilariously described getting your family into a car without power locks as “a major ordeal” - - how hedonistic we’ve become lately!)

BTW, it is pre-wired for a radio, and even has the speakers. Just no head unit. So if you think a radio-less car is too plain jane even for you, you can order a head unit from Crutchfield and pop it in without having to get all the other stuff.

You should be able to get the Mazda 3 “stripped down.”

There are quite a few small economy cars that–technically–can be had without power windows, A/C, etc.

However, since so few people nowadays want to wear a hair shirt or otherwise torture themselves, these cars rarely appear on dealer’s lots. Since dealers make much less profit on a “stripped” car, dealerships really don’t want to carry them in their stock for the months and months that it might take to sell one of these cars.

This type of car can he had, but you will have to special-order your Plain Jane car.

And since so few people want a car like that, if you decide to sell one, finding a buyer could be a real issue.

Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Chevy Aveo, Toyota Yaris

Chevrolet Cobalt XFE, the base model doesn’t have A/C. Currently there’s a 4k rebate on 2010 Cobalts. I picked up a Cobalt LS with A/C and an automatic trans in February with 5.5k in rebates (3k for the Cobalt, 1k for Toyota owners, 1k for older strock, and 500 for the Philly car show).

The interior’s a little chintzy, but the car rides well and is surprisingly quiet. It doesn’t drive like a little tin can.

Ed B.

I think you can still buy Kias like this. But I don’t know why anyone would want to. A friend did exactly that a few years ago. Now she has a small child and different needs and is unhappy to not have the keyless entry, AC, and other amenities. Why make yourself suffer? If you look really hard you may be able to find an old b/w TV in a thrift store too, but I wouldn’t want that either.

Add the Kia Rio, an excellent little econobox, based on the Hundai Accent. The basic model has crank up windows, keys only for locking, no antlock brakes, but lots of cup holders.

Are they power or manual cup holders?

My only 2 cents is, first look at the normal equipment levels and bargain hard. See how it compares to a really basic model(rarity).

The difference in real world price(selling) may a lot different than that scary MSRP figure you see.

good luck