Pineapple Express

My boyfriends super cool F-250 wouldn’t start last night…well of course there are a few factors: Truck had been sitting (nose pointing slightly downhill) in a rainstorm tagged “Pineapple Express” as the Hawaiian weather hit us here in Seattle Washington.

I believe he said he could hear the starter but it wouldn’t turn over…

How long was the truck sitting for?
2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years?

Probably the most important question is how many modifications has he made to his truck?
The only trucks that are 100% stock here in Colorado are the ones sitting on new car dealer lots. If its a diesel truck, the first thing the owners do here is make it spit out as much black smoke as they possibly can after installing all their fuel controller devices right after the ink dries on the loan application.

First thing your boyfriend should do is recharge the battery in his truck.
Once he has enough electricity in the battery to crank the engine over, then he can begin to troubleshoot any issues his truck might have.


If it’s a gas engine, usually the first thing affected by wet weather is the spark plugs wires, which, if old, get damp and won’t transmit the spark properly. If the plug wires are old, get a new set. Coil and distributor cap can also be affected by wet weather.

Sitting for two days. this is a 1972 F=250 with a 1969 390 V8…oldie but she’s awesome. Had to wake him up he appreciates the responses (in his grogginess) and he said maybe it is a cracked distributor cap. Thanks for all the troubleshooting even with the not so great info. I supplied you with…gotta go check it out.

To that I would add that I have had problems in the past with most a/m dist caps for Fords and Dodges of you vontage from just about every auto parts store except Napa. So I’d try the napa one first.

I am going to go along with the prior messages. How long has it been since the plugs and wires replaced? How many miles on the truck? What year is the truck? Has it had any CEL’s? How old is the battery?

How much fuel in the truck? Since it was on an incline, I’m lead to believe it might be that the fuel in the truck is too low for the pump to pick up with it at an angle. Squirt some starter fluid into the carb and see what happens. If it fires right up with the fluid, but dies once it’s burned off, then it could just be low fuel