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Performance Tires

Will the performance tires availble standard on the 2011 SE Camry be good in snow / winter in the Midwest? We have a 2008 Camry with all weather tires. Will performance tires be any different from all weather tires?

Thanks! Michelle

No “performance”, “summer” or “all (read three)-season” tires are good in snow. Put four winter tires on your car just before the snow flies.


“Performance Tires” aren’t tuned for performance in snow. They are generally better on dry pavement. Sometimes the tires are wider than standard tires which isn’t an advantage in snow.

You need to get much more specific for a better answer. Brand of tire, size of tire, etc. If you know the tire you can go on the website and see how that tire is rated by actual owners.

I’d say the performance tires on the '11 SE will be no better in snow than the tire on the '08 and more likely not as good in snow.

The problem is the word “performance”. That has a lot to do with speed capability and while generally the higher the speed rating, the worse the winter traction, there are soooooo many exceptions that this doesn’t really stand up well as a “rule”. You can even get winter tires with some incredibly high speed ratings!

But if you are concerned about winter traction, you should get winter tires. Better safe than sorry.

You want a minimum of all-season tires if you drive in snow. has a good primer on tires. I recommend a visit.