Peanut Butter Smell

Hey im from Australia so my car make and model arent on the list but i own a 1988 Holden Commodore VL. Ive been having some brake fluid leaking out the back banjo bolt i think they said and just got it fixed. But since then i have been having a smell coming from the engine bay everytime i come to a stop i get wafts of it and it smells kinda like peanut butter mixed with a sorta burning smell. i had a look for a cause but i cant seem to find any big leaks anywhere. Only have a drive a short distance for this to happen and the harder you drive the more it smells. Would be great if someone could give me some suggestions. Thanks

This might actually have nothing to do with the recent servicing of your car.

Have you considered the possibility that squirrels or some other rodents are storing some kind of nuts under the hood of your car? Even if this sounds very weird to you–trust me–it does happen. While they tend to try to invade the HVAC ducts, small animals have also been known to store food in the air intake for the engine, and in other locations under the hood of the car.

I suggest that you investigate all areas of the engine compartment thoroughly, with the aid of a flashlight. If you find evidence of small animals, then I suggest that you either paint that area with hot pepper sauce to discourgage them, or that you place packets of rat poison under the hood to kill them.