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Pays your money-

I’ve heard Tom and Ray guffaw more then once about this-is there such a thing as a heavyduty part-Kevin

It depends on what you are talking about. For instance, I commonly use heavy duty parts when I rebuild transmissions. There are what we call stock parts and heavy duty parts. Other things though like water pumps, I have never seen heavy duty versions. Alternators, sometimes you can buy higher amperage alternators for your vehicle. Brakes, you can definately buy heavy duty brake pads. Are you looking for anything specific??


Well I always wanted heavy duty ignition componets,I remember on some lifetime brakes,same material,more money,better warranty,thanks -Kevin

There are a wide variety of parts available for heavy duty applications:

-There is a kit you can install in some Mercedes models so it will automatically turn the engine off at a red light and automatically start it back up when you press the gas pedal. This kit includes a heavy duty starter that can withstand increased use.

-Heavy duty alternators are used in tow vehicles and police cruisers, which have increased need for electricity.

-You can upgrade suspension components with heavy duty replacements like springs, shocks, and struts.

-I suppose a set of tires made to last a long time (70,000-90,000 miles) would be heavy duty, as opposed to those that last 40,000-60,000 miles.

-A class III trailer hitch could be considered heavy duty compared to a class I trailer hitch.

-Brake upgrade kits that have larger brake disks and better stopping power would be considered heavy duty.

Hmmm, good point,but some of these heavy duty alternators are a joke,dont know how many we went through on chevys(I guess the 2 way radios killed em’)-Kevin

I suppose the argument could be made that there are no heavy duty parts, only parts with higher load ratings.

Batteries, alternators, all manner of suspension components (I’ve been considering that rear sway bar upgrade), brake components, clutch assemblies, even tires. All can be bought with higher load ratings.

This has a basis in sound reasoning,sometimes though the componets are a bit higher quality-Kevin