Pathfinder starting problems when humid

I have a trusty 1997 Pathfinder with 170,000 miles on it. If it is humid in the morning, or if it rains overnight, it won’t start. It turns over, but it doesn’t fire. I keep cranking for a couple of minutes, and eventually it catches and runs. Once it’s running, it’s good for the entire day. This is only a first start in the morning issue. Any thoughts?

Replace the spark plug wires. Old wires are a common cause of hard starting in wet weather. The humidity makes a path for the current to short to the block or the head, and it never reaches the plugs. At night you can actually see it. It looks like tiny lightning bolts jumping from the wires to the engine.

Bingo! mc is correct, 97.84% certain it needs new plug wires.

Another “sparklies” show! Wow! Can I watch? I like sparklies.