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Paste car wax

I need to find an old style paste car wax. I used to have a can called Vista that was around 50 yrs old. It was great for removing rust on chrome bumpers. The wax now, seems to be more liquid or specifically for the newer paints. Is there a paste wax brand that I can use now for light rust removal?

Look for a cleaner way or a clay detailing product.

Have You Tried Any Chrome Care Products Like Mother’s?

Click this link to their products:

Also, you can stop by an auto body shop and talk to somebody (especially somebody with grey hair). A good shop can recommend something for you.

What’s chrome? (kidding). What was the last car you owned with actual chrome on it? Rocketman

If your’re wanting to clean real chrome, there are plenty of metal cleaners/polishes. Just don’t use them on ‘chrome’ plated plastic, which is all most cars have these days.

Today’s waxes don’t have to be a paste to be good. Turtle Wax brand chrome polish is a liquid and works well.

The BEST chrome cleaner to remove light rust is Brillo. Rince thoroughly then apply your wax of choice.

tesases suggestion is good. Non-automotive metal cleaners should work. Follow with a good automotive “wax”. Whitey is correct. In independent tests, liquids actually worked better than pastes and you don’t have to spend a lot. Black Magic and Turtle were good. No wax is best for every car. There is a balance between hazing, durability and ease of application. With black paint, you probably don’t want to tolerate any hazing, but you can give up a little on that with white or light colors and gain a little elsewhere.

there is a product called Rejuvenator that is “for professional use only” that I get from my friendly local NAPA dealer. I gather it is a favorite among detailers. It’s a liquid and pricey, but works well for my black truck, lasting longer with every application. it will clean very light rust off of real chrome, but if the rust is bumpy, you might have to go the steel wool route. Follow with the Rejuvenator and you might be pleasantly surprised

Rusteze medicated bumper ointment :slight_smile: Just had to remind Clank and Clunk of their brilliant movie career…

I would hope that no wax tries to remove rust. That’s not its job. Of course, if you have real rust on a plated steel bumper, that means the plating has been perforated and the steel beneath is rusting. Not good news. Maybe you can do something to fight the specks of rust, and keep water and oxygen from getting to the steel, but beyond that, it’s a slow death for that bumper. Maybe what you’re seeing isn’t really rust, but some deterioration of the chrome and nickel platings, or even just dirt?

I have a few pitted spots in my paint which rust pokes through once in a while. A clay-bar takes it out. Yes I know it should be sanded and sealed properly.

I THINK also Flitz might take out rust, but I haven’t tried it.

I myself use Mothers carnuba (sp) wax currently. Bad move on my part. Should have used a Zymol or something higher quality. I’ll use something different when I run out of the Mother’s.