Parts for 1985 Honey Class-C 22 Ft Motorhome

I just bought a 1985 Honey Class C 22 ft motorhome that has been sitting in the same spot for the past 3 years and a lot of the parts have been ripped out… How can I find out exactly what parts I can use for my 1985 class C RV? The Honey RV company closed down in 1989 and I can’t find anything online

I hope they paid you well to take a 35 year old motor home off their hands that’s been stripped.

Almost any RV store will have everything you need to replace the missing parts, It won’t be cheap.

It’s almost always cheaper to buy a R/V in good condition than try to fix one up.
Here’s a couple places that should be able to help you.


You are not going to find a parts list. Nearly every RV is custom built so nearly every one is different. Many of the companies that supplied parts for that RV have gone out of business or are making completely different versions of those parts.

It is very hard to find parts for a 35 year old car with 200,000 units built. It will be impossible for a 35 year old RV with a few hundred units built.

So, you need to start all over from an empty shell and build the RV back from the inside out. Not looking like such a great deal, is it?


Before you spend a dollar take a lot of time to put together a list of everything thing that needs to be done, both inside and to the engine, brakes, etc. Get a realistic cost estimate for each item, add them up, and I’ll bet you can buy a clean running RV for less.

Edit - increase the total you come up with by 50%, there’s lots you won’t know is wrong until you start actually working on it.

What a headache!


I doubt if this thing was sold cheap enough to justify the cost it will take to put it back in service .

@Carlos-48 Put ( Motorhome Rebuilders ) in your search engine . I did and it seems there are places that do this and maybe one near you can also supply parts .

Thanks for the information. At least now I know to start rebuilding it completely and to it was definitely cheap enough to justify the cost. I paid $0 for it. It was Free, just had to move it off the property.

Carlos, I hope very much that it truly is cheap. I suspect your assesment of that may change once you find out how much this RV will cost you to make it nice.

Good Luck!

Yeah, there’s a saying in motorhome circles. “You’ll be upside down even if it’s free.”

Prepare to spend money!

So are you looking to fix the engine, or the “house” part?

First things first. Climb the rear ladder and look at the roof. Is it rubber? Then you need to very carefully inspect the entire coach for signs of water entry. If you find any, you need to then look behind wherever you found that sign to see how bad the mold and/or rot is. You should also pull up the floor coverings and check for rot under there. If you find any, it’s probably best if you just bring it to a junkyard. Also, as your over-cab cap has a window, you need to inspect that carefully for water whether it has a rubber roof or not.


Please confirm this rv is built on a Chevy 3500 dually van frame . . . small block 350, I’m guessing?

Getting parts for Chevy part of it . . . engine, trans, brakes, suspension and so forth shouldn’t be terribly difficult. But I may be wrong, as the thing’s 35yrs old by now.

Good that you got it for free . . .

Does it even start?

Are there massive back fees due to get the thing re-registered . . . ?!

Do you live in an area that will require a tail pipe smog inspection?

I’m seeing more ford’s by this company usually with the 460 under the hood

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