Partial free repair?

shop will evac your a/c for free. than what? do you have to pay them to put remaining freon back in system? the ad just seems rather sneaky. you evac a system to check for leaks. and to recover freon and determine amount. than you add freon back into system.

Yup, you’ll have to pay them to fix & refill. And I can virtually guarantee there’ll be a “fix” necessary. It’s just a typical “come-on”.

It’s just to get you in the shop

Scenario . . .
You drop off the car
The recover 0.75lbs of R-134a
The sticker says 1.5lbs of R-134a
So half of your refrigerant charge is gone
Now they try to sell you diagnosis to recharge, add dye and look for leaks, with the black light, ac sniffer, etc.
And hopefully they’ll find that your ac compressor, manifold hose, condenser, evaporator, etc. are leaking.
Hopefully you’ll authorize the repair

By the way, even if they can visually see that the condenser, hose or compressor is leaking . . . they will NOT tell you this, because that’s not part of the free come-on

As summer progresses, you will see more and more ads like this…Nobody gets out the door for $39…