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Part name? Possible exhaust issue

So my cars been running like crap lately. Sluggish when going up hills or accelerating. Not getting much hp. When accelerating sounds like air going through a hole. The other day while driving my car filled up with smoke (Exhaust ). Once I got home I looked under the hood and seen this. It’s right where the exhaust meets the engine. You can see the mesh is ripped. What is this part called and would it cause the problem with exceleration or is that another issue? Thanks 2010 dodge avenger

The leak appears to be at a flexible joint ahead of the catalytic converter which is likely plugged up.

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Usually referred to as a flex joint or flex pipe but sold as part of a larger assembly that includes the exhaust pipe before and after. Agree with Rod, clogged cat is where I’d start.

How old is your Dodge, and how many miles on it?

2010 Dodge Avenger 127,000 miles

The flex joint is actually part of the catalytic converter assembly on this vehicle

Either install a direct fit cat yourself, or bring it to a good exhaust shop

does not look like an easy job to only replace the flex joint
At least you don’t have the 2.7 motor. You would be replacing the motor soon enough.

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What is your point? What does that mean? Please explain.

The OP did not say what motor they had. You might say having a V6 or a4cyl motor may affect the cost to replace an exhaust component. The poster asks, what is this? You can say, well it might be this. Depending on a few variables. It’s no secret the 2.7 is one of the worst engines dodge ever made. And that’s saying a lot.

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That tube-like thing coming in at 90 angle looks like an o2 sensor. If that one is the pre-cat sensor, an air leak there could confuse the computer’s ability to measure the actual amount of o2 that comes out the engine and set the proper air fuel mixture ratio. That’s another thing that could be the cause of your poor engine performance.

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