Part/Core Return

Hi, i bought a part from amazon (amazing what they sell) and i wonder if you can return the core somewhere. Or do you just trash it?

In my case it would be a enginemount.

The very fact it is called a “core” means it is supposed to be returned. If it wasn’t ment to be returned it would be called “the old part”.

Throw it out. The engine mount is a new part. There is no core return on new parts. Only on remanufactured parts.


If you had to send them the core, there would’ve been a “core charge” added to your bill, refundable upon them getting the old part back. This only applies to rebuildable parts such as alternators, water pumps, and various other things. An engine mount doesn’t fall into this category, so just throw it out.

ok, thats makes sense. I just wasnt sure. So i will saftly discard it then. :slight_smile: