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Park Rangers Lug nuts

If they are alumm. rims and if you don’t re-tighten them after 30 miles they will come loose.

Not All Of Them Do. I Thought I Remembered The Ranger Being A Female.

Or am I missing something, here?


The Park Ranger was A woman and she thought someone was tring to kill her,I was just saying that after the brakes were fixed if the rims were a alumm.she would have to re-tighten them after 30 miles of driving or they would come loose,thats all

I have aluminum rims and I never have to re-tighten them after I rotate the tires.

Absolutely NOT!

Properly torqued lug nuts will not come loose…with one exception…
If the lug nuts were overtorqued by some gorilla during a previous installation, the studs can actually be stretched and the threads at the base deformed to where a proper installation is no longer possible. In that case the lugs would chronically come loose.

The diagnosis is done with simple go/no-go thread gages. The solution is to press in new studs.

People Are Cautioned To Be Sure To Clean The Contact Surfaces Of The Wheels And Corresponding Areas Of The Rotors/Drums. Corrosion Can Become A Problem.

This applies to both steel and aluminum components.

During my off-road days we used Centerline (aluminum wheels). The only time I saw one come loose was when the car builders young son painted the brake drums,a big no-no.

Well when I worked for a tire company we had to have the customers sign a wavier that stated they would get the rims re-tightend after 30 miles because the aluminum would heat up and the lug-nuts would back off the studs,in fact it did happen to a customer of ours,after he drove about 70 miles his wheel fell off,and we tightend all aluminum rims by hand not air gun,with a torque wrench