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Park Ave acceleration skipping

Hello all,

My Buick Park Ave 2000 is having an acceleration problem. It seems to be skipping at different times. It happens more often at lower speeds than higher speeds. It still happens at higher speeds though. I was on a long trip of about 180 miles and on the highway it seemed fine. What do you think is causing this? I did take it to a garage and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and of course true to form nothing happened when they took it for a spin. They did computer checks and everything was fine. Thank you for your help in this mystery.

Best to all

Does this skipping occur more at the 35-40 MPH range? If so, you might be feeling torque converter clutch shudder.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?


I would expand Tester’s question to include when all servicing was performed
and how many miles do you have on it?

“skipping” can be caused by countless things, including but not limited to overdue spark plugs, clogged filters, and other overdue maintenance. Generally that stuff wil store a fault code, but of you got no codes the basics still apply.