Parasites in my Fiat 850 Spider


Agree with Shanonia, I would rather rebuild what I had than one from ebay with info on the quality. Back when, on mine a complete rebuild would include the front and rear bearings, a new voltage regulator, brushes, and a diode trio. I’d do it about every 70-80K just as a pre-emptive repair. Then they made it so it was hard to take apart requiring replacement. About a half hour for a good auto electric repair shop if they can get the parts.


i have a 69, where are the 2 fuses in the back?? i am trying to track down a no power at all problem?


You might want to post this in a new thread… this one is 2 years old.

You might also want to post your car model. “a 69” doesn’t tell us what kind of car this is, what those 2 fuses in the back are and what problem you are trying to solve.