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Paint job

what can i expect to pay for a bare bone paint job for a 1999 jeep cherokee, don’t want to put to much money in it.


Around here, MAACO routinely has $399 paint job specials

Is that low enough for you?

I wouldn’t expect great results, though

It might be sufficient for something ugly looking that you want to sell in a hurry . . .

I used to get vehicles painted at Earl Scheib and at Maaco. I usually got good paint jobs but only if I did the prep work myself. Just as @db4690 said…don’t expect great results though…it’s not going to happen.

I’ve had cars painted by Earl Scheib and MAACO. I did the prep on each car. Earls would shoot over dirt and paint your wheels and tires to boot with their stock colors. MAACO did a better job and would shoot any color so it matches your door jambs.Yes, for that low low price, you don’t get the door jambs painted, so don’t think of changing colors. Considering a good paint job used to cost $2500 in 1986 dollars, these days that would be $6500 I’d guess, unless you want red. Red is very expensive because of the cost of the pigments. I think Earl Scheib is gone now. MAACO is it unless you can find an under employed paint and body man.

I agree, if you do the prep, the MAACO jobs can be decent. Otherwise they are known for grinding marks and overspray on windows and trim. Back in the 60’s I made a deal with a body shop and got a paint job for $20 but I did all the prep work and taping. Of course thats when paint was $5 a quart instead of $100.

I had a Chevy Impala repainted (original color) by MAACO for $1400 which included replacing a front fender with a used one. This was their mid level paint job and it stood up really well. When I sold the car 10 years later there were no chips or rust and the buyer was really impressed.

Earl Scheib and MAACO will do prep work. It will cost a lot more than $400 though.