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Paint a 1984 BMW 633 csi?

185,000 miles. I’ve owned for 17 yrs. It’s my only car. Running well, repairs not major(yet). But the paint is about gone. Is it nuts to pay $4000 to paint…or do I just save it for my next car?

Thank you!

Yes, it’s nuts to pay $4000 for a paint job on a 17 year old car, unless it’s a classic.

If the body is rust-free, you can get a decent $1400 paint job that will last at least 5 years. My car at 11 years was in need of a paint job and I went for the $1200 MAACO package, and it stood up well for another 8 years when I sold the car.

Well to me your car is a classic. I don’t want one now but I sure did in 1984. The owner of the dealership had one of these. The guy was a pretty famous aviator (associated with Lear Jet) and a rabid BMW collector (had a M1). Hard to believe it is a daily driver. Put a clutch in that car,trusted with the owners 633,long time ago.

A rust free 633CSI? Yeah, I’d spend the money and do it right. Very nice car.
There’s paint jobs and there are paint jobs. In my opinion, throwing a cheapo paint job on a car like this just to get by has no logic. You don’t take a Rolex to Wal-Mart for a new crystal.
You’ll feel better about the car with a nice paint job. And I don’t personally think $4000 is out of line for quality work.
But that’s just me.

The $4000 paint job is about what the car is worth. But what’s it worth to you? If you want to keep the car forever, then get the great paint job. You might get a few more estimates, though.

I think maybe you should consider selling this car. It’s pretty desirable to collectors, who will put that kind of money into it. If you paint it cheaply it will lose value.

Do you think the mid-90’s Ford Thunderbird looks like a 633? I do

Save your money, this car is not a classic and since it has almost $200,000 miles on it no serious collector would pay decent money for it.

Save your dough for your next car down payment.

I paid about $1200 for a MAACO paint job on a 1993 Caprice 5 years ago. It’s holding up reasonably well but need more TLC than a factory job. The job included stripping down and repriming the hood, roof, and trunk since the original paint was in bad shape. Overall I felt I got my money’s worth.

I removed most of the trim (grill, emblems, chrome trunk trim, etc) before taking it in for the paint job.

The 633 csi is a lot nicer looking than any of the newer BMWs in my opinion.

Ed B.

Well, to each their own. There’s many a BMW enthusiast who think the big coupes from the '80s are as good as it gets.
The OP has owned the car for over 17 years and says it’s rust free and runs fine.
I don’t personally believe in just recycling a car for a newer plasticized model.
Just like the Mercede’s from the 80’s, BMW will never build another coupe to these standards.
If the OP likes the car, one they’ve owned for 17 years, I would think putting a quality paint job on it is worth it.
They can always park it in the garage knowing they own a piece of BMW history, and lease a Kia for a daily driver…

If it’s in dim light and you’re kind of squinting…yeah, I see it.

If you love the car, and can afford it, it’s worth it. They’re great, iconic cars, my favorite of the '80s. Just be ready for some significant repairs, now that you’re over 200k miles. Do not change the color of the paint if you do repaint. If $4000 is too much, then I’m concerned whether you’ll be able to afford the repairs that are surely coming. Don’t do it, though, if you’re expecting to get the money back when you sell it. You won’t.

If that $4000 consists of them doing all the prep work(sanding, primer, trim removal, etc.), then it might be worth it.
Have you considered a different color for the car? Perhaps a certain color of blue off a newer vehicle, but didn’t want to spend the money to buy one?
A good quality paint job can make it seem like a new car again.

Well, to each their own.

In this case I agree completely, I was not implying the op was making a major mistake, I just did not feel this was cost effective.

Well, you are completely right. I’ve made very few decisions that were cost effective on old cars over the years. It’s an affliction I have dragging old cars home with stars in my eyes. I don’t think I ever made a dime on any of them.

Don’t feel bad. I’ve just been watching “Wheeler Dealers” on cable, a British show where they look for low-price classics and fix them up. They seldom come out much ahead, often behind, even when they get the manpower free!