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Pain in Neck Lexus Seat

My new Lexus IS 250C convertible (my first new car in 10 years) is giving me terrible neck and shoulder pain (and migraines). I’ve never had this problem in 35 years of driving 100s of cars. I’m trying to use foam forms to make soft and build up the hard bucket seats, with some, but not complete success. Anyone have any ideas or similar problems?

Are the seats adjustable? Have you tried driving another Lexus like yours at the dealership? I would go to the dealership first with your complaints since it’s a new car. Your other option may be to check out a set of Recaro Ergonomic Touring seats. I had a similar problem with a collector Corvette about 15 years ago. Those seats killed my back and since the car was easy to sell I took the easy way out.